Condé Nast Italy represents the country’s leading multimedia communication company in the high-end editorial products market that reaches a profiled audience thanks to the numerous omnichannel properties


A unique collection

Stepping inside Frame, visitors can consult the archives of all of Condé Nast Italy’s titles and delve into the publisher’s history and legacy. All while being immersed in a cosy space that pays homage to the distinctive traits of the Italian style and character


The CN brands

Condé Nast Italy publishes 11 magazines and operates 7 websites. Out of the global Condé Nast family, it was the first to open an Experience Store - Frame (which sells a wide range of CN branded items), to set up the Condé Nast Social Academy, a course for content creators working in the social media sector and to launch the Condé Nast Social Talent Agency representing social media talent. Among its most innovative projects are: the social content creator unit #Shareable and Experience Is, the Gen Z dedicated magazine.


Keep in touch

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Piazzale Luigi Cadorna 7, 20123 Milan

CAFETERIA - Opening times:
Mon/Sat 8 am - 6 pm
Phone 02.85612814

STORE - Opening times:
Mon/Fri 10.30 am - 5 pm
Phone 02.85613119



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