02 February 2021

A Valentine’s Day at Frame Condé Nast

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is all about preparing something special for your “other half.” But it’s not always easy to go from thought to action, perhaps for a lack of ideas or the fear of not coming up with something truly unique. So where to look for the best recommendations? Frame Condé Nast has come up with a series of initiatives conceived especially for Valentine's Day, which are being featured on its Instagram channel: @condenastframe. Starting today and through 14 February, fans of the first Condé Nast Experience Store, a partnership with the Pasticceria San Carlo, can get advice and take inspiration from a series of initiatives that have this holiday for lovers “at heart.”

It all starts with a love horoscope for each star sign created by astrologer Gabi Lussi, with useful tips for how to set the mood this month. Then there’s a shopping guide with exclusive products and brands available at Frame Condé Nast: making a purchase is as easy as sending a direct message on Instagram or an email to

There’s also a tutorial with the experts from Yvat&Klerb who explain how to make a lovely handmade card and offer up rules for creating a package that captures the sentiment. These are some of the fundamental elements of Valentine’s Day. The story goes that the most important part of this holiday has always been exchanging valentines, little love notes often in the shape of a heart or in other symbolic forms alluding to romance, such as the dove or Cupid with his bow and arrow.

Of course, planning a dinner on this most romantic night of the year is obligatory, so Tableset Luxury Rentals has you covered with plenty of suggestions for how to create a beautiful setting, with the perfect mise en place. Pasticceria San Carlo offers up sweets that fit the theme, with step-by-step instructions for how to prepare something to be created and enjoyed as a twosome, of course. Finally, one of the most famous paper artists, Su Blackwell, uses one of her own pieces to give us a truly outside-of-the-box idea. Do you think you could recreate it yourself using one of our magazines? 


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